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Deliver mail and small packages during your run. Log on, find a nearby course, run and earn. Get fit, help out and reduce the carbon foot print of deliveries.

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Run, pick up & drop off

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Sahar - My running schedule

I run twice a week and make some deliveries with RUNNER. No strings attached, no stress. Learn more about my routine.

Chris - Start running

I was looking for some motivation for putting back my runners. I started using RUNNER to find a goal in my run.

The More Your Run, The Better The Reward


Start at your own pace. Start small with easy deliveries.

Run between 5 & 10K a week

Earn $2 a run


Pick up larger packages and run longer distances

Run between 11 & 20k a week

Earn $2.5 a run

Access more deliveries


Pick up valuable items earn a bonus for each delivery

Run more than 20K a week

Earn $3 a run

Access exclusive deliveries

Become a trusted runner

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